Easily the largest beer festival in this city is back again this year and we are insanely excited! The Toronto Festival of Beer is a celebration of all things filled with malt and hops from your basic american ale (Like a Coors Light) to the hardcore sour craft beers we love. Tickets are sold our… Read More

Winter is generally a drought when it comes to great craft beer festivals. Yes, we have Winter Beer Fest which is awesome, but it’s outdoors and the temperatures distract me from truly enjoying the fine craft beer on offer. In enters Brewfest! The creators of Brewfest are known for their similarly named event that takes… Read More

We write about beer a lot. Too much to be honest. We try to write about everything else (such as wine, whisky and the like) but beer just takes up all of our time. This is mostly because beer is what this city is great at. It’s exciting though that we will be attending the… Read More