A few days ago I attended the Ontario Craft Brewers Conference. While rubbing shoulders with brewers from across the province I had the chance to try (yet another) pumpkin ale. This one was by Big Rig, and to be honest, the cool can design was what caught my eye at first. This is a porter that… Read More

I really like how that photo over there came out. It’s like a professional shot. Maybe the guys at Old Flame can use it for marketing or something. I had this beer at The Craft in Liberty Village. They have 120 taps so it’s always hard to decide what I want. I choose Old Flame… Read More

I’ve always been a fan of the Granite. They have consistantly offered great beers for the decades they have ben around. It’s possible you haven’t heard of them as they are generally understated. They don’t do beers that will rip your face off or melt your teeth, instead they try to do simple styles REALLY… Read More