Once upon a time, a delicious beer from Sawdust City went on a date with a tasty cup of coffee from Red Rocket Coffee. The coffee had too much of the beer, they went home together to Gravenhurst, ON, and the glorious result is their lovechild, Red Rocket Coffee Spiced Stout. Thank you.

Sawdust City has a few seasonal stouts in their repertoire and they can really do no wrong in our books. Once upon a time, the forces behind Toronto Booze Hound bonded over The Princess Wears Girl Pants as I attempted to woo my co-writer, Kole. It must have worked. Or the beer was strong and we couldn’t remember the rest of our conversation? We were very excited to see a new series of cans in the LCBO. Sawdust City recently procured a canning line, and the results are amaze-balls. Why yes, this review was written immediately after I finished my balloon glass.

Appearance: Black as tar, like a nice thick stout. Almost no head from the pour.
Aroma: Rich espresso aroma, with hints of cayenne. Made my nose tickle a bit from the cayenne. Kept sniffing, since coffee aroma is just about the best thing in the world. The writers at Toronto Booze Hound are also serious coffee fiends, and cannot function without 12 cups of coffee per day.
Taste: Nicely carbonated mouth feel with a sweet flavour, lots of cinnamon flavours. Super smooth. Delicious. Please stock our beer fridge with this beauty, it’s making me festive.

Aftertaste: Sweet aftertaste, lots of vanilla. Wait a second, did a pepper just sneak in? It did. And it’s building in delicious cayenne flavour, without being a knock-out flavour like Rogue’s Chipotle beer. We let the beer warm up a bit and the vanilla flavours started to shine, along with the cinnamon.

Overall: Yummers. We’re scared to tell the world how much we like it, we don’t want the LCBO stocks to run out. A 473 ml can will only set you back $3.25 at the LCBO, a veritable steal. This was a winning collaboration, and we cannot wait to get our hands on some more.

Shawna O'Flaherty

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