wpid-img_20150111_194659.jpgThe fine folks at Mill St. Brewery say that their Original Organic Lager is Ontario’s very first certified organic beer. I must admit this is a tad surprising, given how popular organic food is (basically half my local grocer is now organic) I sort of assumed there would be other certified organic beers.

Guess not.

Recently with the advent of the 100th Meridian (A new organic lager) more and more people have been switching from the organic to the 100th. Even so, Mill st is still advertising the organic quite heavily (usually right next to the 100th Meridian).

I sampled this brew in the bottle it’s sold in. While I usually use a glass when sampling beer, it seems that the vast majority of people that get this beer drink it straight from the bottle.

On to my tasting notes:

Appearance: Gold and clear. Obviously filtered.

Aroma: Mostly hops but also a bit earthy/grassy. Can pick up hints of the malted barley.

Taste: Much more of that grassy flavour. It’s actually quite pleasant. More malty than I expected in a lager.

Aftertaste: Strong earthiness.

Overall: A great simple lager. More malty flavour than expected which was a pleasant surprise.


Kole McRae

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