I will not even attempt to say the name of this brewery but on the website they say we are allowed to just call it ‘Gan’. The full name is Gananoque Brewing Co.
The brewery is relatively new, opening there doors in 2011 but seem to have gained a lot of acclaim in that time. They only recently started showing up in the LCBO.
Naughty Otter was there very first beer and seems to be their flagship. Shawna said she found it bland but I decided to give it a taste myself.
You can purchase a can at the LCBO for $2.90 and it sits at 5.2% ABV.
Appearance: Filtered, Light golden colour. Bright white head.
Aroma: Nice sweet maltiness. Bit of earthiness and some tropical fruits in the back.
Taste: Surprisingly fruity and tropical. The malt is blended very well. A tad on the sweet side for my taste but I can see why others would enjoy it.
Aftertaste: Short and dry.
Overall: Not a bad lager. A bit too sweet for me.
Kole McRae

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