We’ve only been able to trek up to Market Brewing Co two times so far. It’s a bit far for two city slickers with no car. I honestly don’t remember the exact reasons for the first trip but the second was while on our way back from a sugar shack (or cabane sucre as Shawna calls it, seems it’s a Quebec thing.) We were with some friends and slightly disappointed with the whole affair of the sugar shack when compared to the amazing ones they have near Montreal.

Luckily, the dog friendly Market Brewing Co was there to step in and put us in a better mood. We had flights of fantastic beer, one of which I am writing about today.

The Metropolitan Porter is a classic porter that is light in body but full of roasted coffee and chocolate flavour, one of my favourite styles that I wish there were more of. While I certainly enjoyed it in the flight, this review is based on a proper tasting done from a can at home, so it can’t be swayed by all the happy dogs I was petting while I tried it the first time.

Though Dastan was there and he certainly makes me happy!

This beer is only available at the brewery now and it sits at 5% ABV. It costs $12 for a growler fill. Get it fresh!

Appearance: Lingering tan head, coffee brown colour.
Aroma: Black coffee, dark chocolate, a little fresh cut grass in there.
Taste: Caramel at first then into black coffee. Dark cherry on the tip of the tongue that softens into a milk chocolate end. Toasted almonds and hazelnuts dominate much of the taste on future sips.
Aftertaste: Very bitter, dry and short.
Overall: A great Porter I’d have again. Pair with dark chocolate, strong blue cheese or roast beef.

Kole McRae

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