Both Shawna and myself generally avoid new mix drinks and coolers as a rule. For the most part they are far too sweet and generally not a pleasant experience. I actually can’t remember the last time I had  a cooler (unless you count this as one of course.)

The people at Social Lite surprised us though.

They have created a mix drink that doesn’t taste of syrup and grossness. It actually tastes quite good!

Based out of Whitby, Ontario, their product is a mix of Canadian Vodka with natural ingredients and NO SWEETENER. We were intrigued when they told us this and had to have a try.

This review is of the Lime Ginger mix which is available in Ontario. They have two other flavours that are currently not available in Ontario. We will keep you updated on when those are available.

You can pick up a can at the LCBO for $9.95 which gets you a 4 pack of cans and it sits at 4% ABV.

Appearance: Clear with a very slight haze. Artificially carbonated.
Aroma: Lime peel and spicy ginger. As expected.
Taste: Surprisingly not sweet at all, which is strange only due to the category. Pure lime and ginger as advertised. Super light mouth feel. Real ginger taste, not like ginger ale.
Aftertaste: none at all.
Overall: Simple, clean and no sweetness to speak of. Could use a tad more lime. Pair with super light things. Maybe deviled eggs and fish apps.

Kole McRae

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