We love food and we love beer, which is why we absolutely love food and beer pairings. In fact, our friend Doug Appledoorn himself said he believes beer pairs far better with food than wine ever could. I don’t know if I 100% agree (I love food and wine pairings) but we can all agree beer and food go well together.

All that to say: we are super excited for Hop Chow, a beer and food tasting event happening December 2nd.

Created by the fine people behind the Craft Beer Passport and the Art of Craft Beer Festival, it will have brewers working together with chefs to take your taste buds on an adventure in flavour.

Tickets are only $25 and include your first pairing of beer and food. Additional samples will have to be purchased at the event.

Maybe take some time to practice before the event and try out some beer pairings. We would recommend a Russian Imperial Stout with a nice strong blue cheese.

Kole McRae

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