Church Key Brewing is based out of Campbellford, Ontario. Their name comes from being built within an old church. Very cool to brew in the kind of place beer was probably invented in.

Their ‘Holy Smoke’ is a beer after my own heart. I’m a scotch lover, so when I saw that this was a peat smoked scotch ale my mouth started to water.

You can find Holy Smoke at most LCBO’s and it comes to $5.95 a bottle. It’s a pretty strong beer at 6.1% ABU, so do drink it responsibly. And drink it you will, because this thing is insanely delicious.

Appearance: Black like my soul. Soft and creamy head.

Aroma: Beautiful peat smoke, it reminds me of my favourite scotches.

Taste: Super smokey. Smooth and soft on the tongue. Tiny bit of sourness. Little more sweetness after a few sips.

Aftertaste: A bit bitter but in a good way.

Overall: I believe the technical term when reviewing is: “yummy as hell.” I will for sure be buying this again!

Kole McRae

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