Today is the faithful day when a giant ball falls and people cheer, single people wonder who they can kiss without making things awkward and enough booze gets consumed to sink a friggen submarine.

We only started a couple months ago and already we’ve outgrown our first hosting provider. We have you guys out there to thank for our quick success and we are excited for a new year with even more awesomeness. We have big plans already and can’t wait to share them with you.

Not to sound like an annoying parent, we do want to make sure you guys stay safe tonight. Make sure to plan your transportation well ahead of time:

The TTC is completely free all night starting at 7pm. 

Cab companies have thousands of cars out there ready for you. 

Uber will have lots of drivers out there. 

Go trains are free as well! 

Or you can walk of course. Err… no link for this one.

I recommend picking up some coconut water today and having it in your fridge for tomorrow morning. That stuff can really work wonders on a hangover.

Do remember that basically everything is closed tomorrow so try to grab everything you might need today.

Thanks again for helping us get to where we are today. See you in the new year!



Kole McRae

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