To go with dinner yesterday we had a bottle of Cabernet Franc by Chateau des Charmes. It was a 2011 vintage we found randomly at the LCBO and it looked interesting. We are usually fans of the bold flavours a cab franc can have, so it’s generally a good choice for us.

The wine was paired with the most succulent ribs in gravy with garlic mashed potatoes.

According to the bottle this wine is made entirely with grapes on the estate and aged in french oak. The vineyard itself is located in Niagara. The makers are believers in running a sustainable vineyard and are part of a collective called Sustainable Winegrowing Ontario.

Appearance: Deep red with good thick legs.
Aroma: Sweet but meaty. Black currant. A little bit smokey.
Taste: Spicy and bold. It was very full. I found it had dark cherry notes and more black current. Pairs beautifully with red meat.
Aftertaste: Clean and dry.
Overall: Very tasty, love it.

Kole McRae

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