wpid-img_20150118_161224.jpgPackaging counts.

County Cider caught my attention recently at the Summerhill LCBO as it was a large 1L plastic bottle. It stood out in the rather sparsely stocked cider fridge, where my options on this particular Saturday afternoon were mostly imports. A 1L bottle will set you back $7.85 and packs a respectable punch of 6.5%. I’m still working on expanding my cider palate, and this bottle won me over because of the cartoon simplicity on the packaging.

The County Cider Company is located in Picton, ON in Prince Edward County. Best known for their flagship Waupoos Cider, they also are one of the very few iced cider producers in Ontario. We polished off a bottle in one sitting, split between a balloon-style glass and a chalice. Everything feels more regal in a chalice.

Appearance: Very light in colour, almost clear. Very fizzy pour, nice effervescence.

Aroma: Slightly sour aroma, acidic and tart. Ida Red apples are used in the production of this cider.

Taste: Dry apply flavour with a pleasant bold mouth feel. No one is putting this baby in a corner.

Aftertaste: Sweet finish, hints of caramel at the back of the mouth.

Overall: A nice tart option. I don’t like overly sweet sparkling ciders, I prefer them to be dry. I prefer their flagship Waupoos on draught. I don’t know if I’ll be tripping over myself to get more, but I can definitely see myself taking some camping or to Hanlan’s Point in the summer.

Shawna O'Flaherty

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