That title is a tad awkward. It’s hard to use our standard title (bar name, a spotlight) when there is punctuation in the name of the bar itself.

C’est What? is a bar located on Front st downtown. Across the street from The Works. Don’t be fooled by it’s small sign or the fact that you have to walk down several flights of stairs to enter it, it’s one of the best bars in all of Toronto.

I first discovered C’est What? when I was invited to a beer event they were hosting. I forget what specifically the event was; the issue is they host so many beer events that there is no way for me to verify the exact one. When I first entered and started walking down the stairs I was weary, I didn’t like the idea of spending a night in a cramped basement. What surprised me was that it was incredibly roomy, with several huge rooms and was more cozy than I could imagine.

The walls are covered in open brick with large wooden support beams all over the place. I felt a little bit like I had entered an old tavern from the times of knights and magic.

As I mentioned, they host beer events on a very regular basis. The ample amount of tap-space makes it pretty easy for them to do this. Even on a night when there isn’t a special event they will usually have a cask or two going and tons of local craft beers to drink. They even brew their own!

The food available here is quite good. It changes on a very regular basis so it makes sense to come back often.  I highly recommend the buffalo burger if you’re looking for something hearty.

Our Notes:

Location: Downtown on Front st. Easy to get to via TTC.

Price: The price is what you would expect for craft beer and quality food. Not cheap but we aren’t talking Momofuku pricing.

Ambience: Like a classy basement tavern.

Booze: Massive amount of taps that always rotate some of the best local craft beer. A whole bunch of casks as well.

Food: Very good food with a large selection to choose from. Highly recommend it.

Kole McRae

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