Starting Toronto Craft Beer week with a bang as always is the exciting Sessions Craft Beer Festival 2017! You might ask: what makes this festival different from all the other beer festivals in Toronto, and it would be a fair question. Beer festivals have been sprouting up like wild fire. I have a few answers… Read More

There is one feature an event could add that gets me giddy with excitement: unlimited anything. Here is how a beer event usually goes: you purchase your ticket for around $20, this generally includes 2 or 3 drink tickets and nothing for food. Once you use those up within the first hour you end up… Read More

Easily the largest beer festival in this city is back again this year and we are insanely excited! The Toronto Festival of Beer is a celebration of all things filled with malt and hops from your basic american ale (Like a Coors Light) to the hardcore sour craft beers we love. Tickets are sold our… Read More

Winter is generally a drought when it comes to great craft beer festivals. Yes, we have Winter Beer Fest which is awesome, but it’s outdoors and the temperatures distract me from truly enjoying the fine craft beer on offer. In enters Brewfest! The creators of Brewfest are known for their similarly named event that takes… Read More

The 12 Beers of Christmas by the Gladstone hotel was an event I had looked forward to all year. It’s one of the very few beer events where you don’t have to buy tickets. Basically, you pay $10 to enter and then sample all the beer you want. Last year when we went I was… Read More