I’m not sure exactly when it happened but at some point between last summer and this summer Saisons have become hugely popular. The Belgian style beer has been around for ages of course but suddenly all the craft breweries in Ontario have one. I’m not complaining though, this stuff is wonderful. Also called a traditional… Read More

I’ve been a fan of Nickel Brook for quite some time. Their Headstock was one of my first forays into craft beer. Which means I am going into this review as a tad biased. The summer time calls for some refreshing beers, usually lagers or wheat ales but it also brings forth one of my favourite… Read More

I love Nickle Brook. It’s probably important that I start this review with that bias in mind. It may sway how I feel about the beer. Make me like it more just because I like the company that made it. There is a lot of scientific evidence out there that shows this affect is real.… Read More