The RhinoJust yesterday I was discussing the horrible state of beer sales in Ontario with a friend. He mentioned a recent trip to New York State where he discovered “heaven.”

This “heaven” had a very simple concept that blew our Ontario minds but would look perfectly normal in many states and places around the world. Here is what he was able to do:

He walked into a bar and ordered a pint. After receiving the pint he started sipping it while looking over a line of fridges that included 6-packs of locally made beer he could purchase and bring home.

It’s a simple concept that bars and restaurants in Ontario think could be really beneficial to both their business and the consumer.

At the moment this is just a proposal but it is certainly a good one that would open up beer sales a little more. Combine this with the recent announcement about possible beer sales in grocery stores and we are starting to take our baby steps into a better world for beer lovers.

Kole McRae

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