Edit: It looks like Barge ‘reached out’ to Ontario craft brewers in the fall of 2014. At least, according to their Twitter. 

Barge Craft Beers, the company that put the Ontario government on notice to change their liquor laws, sent a letter (by fax) to the Attorney General of Ontario this morning. The letter included their proposed change to Ontario liquor laws.

You can find the entirety of the letter here.

The main change they suggest is quite simple: change three words.

It just so happens that those three words are: Brewers Retail Inc.

They want to change it to: licensed beer retailers.

This would fundamentally change the way beer is sold in Ontario, allowing competing stores such as craft beer stores to pop up.

Ben Johnson asked Barge if Craft Brewers were included in the discussion of this change. Barge said that they contacted every single one but this is in contention at the moment.

Kole McRae

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