Bar Volo has so many taps available that you have to order by alphabet instead of the name of the beer. Sure, you COULD ask the bartender for Lugnut, but there is a chance they’ll have to look up to their chalk written sign to see which tap it’s on.

This huge list of beers is what originally grabbed my interest for this bar. With sample sizes available you can easily go for an entire night of trying some of the strangest and most interesting beers this country has to offer.

To really solidify this point: the main beer menu is in chalk. This is because their beer list changes almost every night. With beers from all over Ontario and Quebec you’ll always find something new and interesting to try.

In fact my partner brought me here on one of our first dates to make sure I didn’t order something boring. She’s still with me so I guess I choose well.

Along with that mighty beer list they also have a great atmosphere. The design is very rustic but modern with heavy use of hardwood and classic tavern style design.

In terms of food you’ll find pretty basic affair. To be honest I would recommend sticking to the booze.

They usually have at least a few casks kicking around to if you’re a bit of a purist.

Location: At Yonge and Wellesley, after a beer there you can find some great Chinese or Korean nearby.

Price: Quite expensive, but worth the price. Don’t be surprised if you end up with a $100 tab.

Ambience: It’s a smaller place but quite nice. Focus is on the beer. Can be a bit loud but the patio is awesome.

Booze: As mentioned above (you don’t skip to the notes do you?) it has a huge beer list on tap.

Food: Wasn’t too exciting for me. There is certainly food available but I prefer to get my drinks here and head to a nearby restaurant for food.


Kole McRae

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