The Ontario Beer Company currently does not have a website but I’m going to go ahead and link to the domain name they will probably be using and hope that a website appears there in the future.

The 100 Mile series of beers has a very simple concept: beer made with ingredients entirely in Ontario. Right now there are two variations out: a lager and an ale. We sampled the ale.

The beer can be found at most LCBO’s at $2.95 a can and sits at a clean 5.4% ABU.

On to the tasting notes:

Appearance: Dirty gold colour, very clear and certainly filtered.

Aroma: Sweet fruity smell, strawberry and chocolate with maybe a hint of orange. This was unexpected.

Taste: Less sweet taste more malty and hoppy. Full bodied and fizzy. Very bitter. Strong fruit smell becomes subtle in taste.

Aftertaste: Almost pure hoppiness, similar to an IPA. Very dry.

Overall: Not a bad beer. I like the overall idea of a true local beer but the actual flavour wasn’t exciting enough for me. It’s very clean and pure tasting which will appeal to some palates but I prefer something a bit more ‘out there.’

Kole McRae

One comment on “100 Mile Ale by Ontario Beer Company, a Review

  • LCBO says 100 Mile is a Duggan beer — database SANFU or the real deal? Is he now renting time at the Cool Beer Brewing facility these days?

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