We ordered beer online for the first time in our lives. It was a glorious experience. The mailman brought us beer and we didn’t even have to put on pants to get it.

This review is a bit overdue. We fully intended on writing this review for our wedding anniversary last month, since Sawdust City‘s Princess Wears Girl Pants was the first beer we ever drank together, and we even had a keg of it at our wedding. Alas, the article didn’t end up happening, as I spent a good chunk of May sick with an ear infection that left me too dizzy to move, with ample amounts of antibiotics coursing through my veins. And then I got the stomach flu – so I basically avoided most alcohol for a month. It was weird.

Then a Facebook ad for The Princess Wears Funky Pants caught my attention. Only available through the brewery or via online shipping, this was a funkified Muskoka saison – a neat twist of brettanomyces on an old and much loved friend. A 473 ml can retails for $6.25 at the online store, and is brewed with a secret hop for extra funkerific grooves. The 9.5% ABV creeps up on you rather fast and explains the juicy pricetag.

Appearance: Filtered golden straw. Long lasting off-white head.

Aroma: Pizza dough, citrus peel, tangerine, and lots of funk. Brett notes of barnyard.

Taste: Belgian yeast notes come through strongly, with banana and sugar candy esters. White chocolate and lots of funky fresh notes from the brett.

Aftertaste: Dangerous alcohol burn. The palate doesn’t denote how strong this one actually is but there’s no doubt in your mind after you swallow. Kumquats.

Suggested food pairing: A sharp water buffalo cheese with dried apricots, served on sourdough bread or crisps.

Overall: Is much boozier than it tastes. I’d love to see a wider release in bars of this one to play with food pairings.

Shawna O'Flaherty

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