Shawna is out at Canada’s Biggest All Ladies Beer Festival put on by the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies. I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to finally write up the preview for another really awesome event: Sessions Craft Beer Festival. We attend every year and always end up having a fantastic time. I… Read More

Starting Toronto Craft Beer week with a bang as always is the exciting Sessions Craft Beer Festival 2017! You might ask: what makes this festival different from all the other beer festivals in Toronto, and it would be a fair question. Beer festivals have been sprouting up like wild fire. I have a few answers… Read More

There on the left is Monty. Better known as Jon Montgomery, Olympic Gold Medalist best known for grabbing a pitcher of beer from a passerby during his gold medal celebrations and drinking it while walking the streets. He also happens to be the host of Canada’s The Amazing Race. He teamed up with Old Tomorrow… Read More