You didn’t think we’d forget about our favourite series, the #8BeersOfChanukah, did you? During these magical eight crazy nights, I won’t let Kole anywhere near my stash of beer or post any updates. Now I know we’ve been very quiet the last few months – I honestly don’t really drink much these days, which has a… Read More

It was too cold this weekend. We had to battle wind chills of -20! What better way to warm up than with a 9% peach flavoured fruit beer (or is it a saison?). This thing is funky, interesting and as far as I can tell, gone from the world. I took a look around and… Read More

Amsterdam currently has two different raspberry based products. The most well known is the KLB Raspberry Wheat, a very sweet summer sipper that is available year round at the LCBO. The second though is the Framboise, a raspberry based seasonal which is more of a ‘premium’ offering at least when considering the price tag. One… Read More