We had a fantastic long weekend that included camping, hiking, wine tasting and a brewery. The brewery, as you probably guessed from the photo above, is called Midtown Brewing Company and is based in Prince Edward County.    I was the designated driver during our wine tasting adventure and as a gift, Shawna got me… Read More

We went to a wedding last weekend. It was absolutely insane but that’s not the point of this point. The point is that on the way home my brother’s flight was delayed, giving us some free time. We decided to spend that time driving to Barncat Artisan Ales, a brand new brewery in Cambridge, Ontario.… Read More

We only recently discovered the people at Orange Snail Brewers during the Ontario Brewing Awards. It seemed they had won last year and were going for another win! Sadly they didn’t win an award, but certainly won our hearts (awwww!) Shortly after the awards we had a family function in Guelph. It just so happens Milton… Read More

In basic terms a kellerbier is an unfiltered lager (yes, it CAN be an ale, but now a days very few breweries make it that way). It’s a german style and the story goes that this is the beer that the brewmaster would have in his cellar and only server to his esteemed guests. We… Read More