Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day so we went to our local and had ourselves a pint of Strong Patrick by Beaus. It just seemed fitting! Strong Patrick is an Irish style red ale that has been ‘intensified’ which basically just means it has a higher ABV than normal. Red Ales are known to be malty with… Read More

It seems the uh… brothers at Blood Brothers still don’t have much of a website, but lets hope it gets updated soon! to be clear: I am embarrassed by that pour in the photo. I don’t know what I was thinking. We purchased this bottle at the brewery a couple weeks ago, so age might… Read More

Time to get down to business and go over the pros and cons of Cask Days here in Toronto. Pros:  The event had a MASSIVE selection of beer to choose from. Everything from a standard cask ale to a spicy peanut butter stout (Of course from Sawdust City!) With 350 beers available, anyone that went… Read More