We haven’t done enough reviews of Railway City! Every time we try them we fall in love with the beer. Like this time! This weekend was finally warm enough to hang out outside for an extended period of time. So we brought a bottle of beer to a park near where we live and enjoyed… Read More

I’m surprised I haven’t reviewed Waterloo Brewing Co yet! I was born and raised in the area and certainly drank my fair share of Waterloo Dark well growing up. A few days ago I discovered that they have released a dunkel! My memory is a bit hazy but I don’t remember them having a dunkel… Read More

Bocks have got to be one of my all-time favourite beers available. While I’m generally an ale fanatic (especially if it has imperial anywhere in the name) the lager that can always make my mouth water is a bock. The story goes that bocks were originally brewed for monks that would fast during the spring… Read More