I find Collingwood Brewery generally goes for a more subtle flavour than a lot of the smaller craft breweries these days. Instead of punching us in the mouth with a IIPA, they go for something like an ESB to stand apart. I have to say I love this approach. You can only really have so… Read More

This weekend we attempted to visit Mascot Brewery down on Mercer St. While their facebook page and Twitter both implied it was open (and serving brunch) the place was sadly closed. In our frustration we (and others who had come in search of Mascot) headed over to Bar Hop. While there I discovered this little… Read More

I am sitting here with Eric, a dude I met during my beer appreciation certification. While hanging out I decided to give Wellington’s new ESB a try. This is what Eric had to say about it: “It was… it’s… goooood.” I would have to agree, especially with the ‘it was’ part. For those new to… Read More