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  • 5 Breweries and -30 Temps, the Beer Crawl to Outwit Frostbite
      It all began as a bit of whim. It was a cold Saturday and we had the day to ourselves with nothing we really had to accomplish, a rare treat for us. Shawna suggested that we head down to Godspeed Brewery and see how it’s changed since the last time we were there. We enjoyed
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  • A Dry January
      I’m working on a dry January. Not the full 31 days – I’m going until the 26th of the month, since I already have tickets to the 4th birthday party #bevy of the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies. But other than that, my January will be alcohol free, and I’ll probably stick with it
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  • Let's have a dram and talk about some birthdays
    Today is October 17th, making it my 30th birthday. On a related note, Toronto Booze Hound is about to hit 3 years of age. I think we should sit down, have a nice dram of scotch and reminisce a little bit. First, the scotch. I chose a bottle of Ardbeg that I got as a
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  • Crush on Niagara: A Wine Tasting Experience
    The Booze Hounds finally tried a guided vineyard tour in the Beamsville Bench and Jordan Valley area, operated by Crush on Niagara Wine Tours. We’ve been a bit quiet over the last month (uncharacteristically quiet!) since we were busy getting married over the Victoria Day long weekend. To celebrate becoming Mr. & Mrs. Toronto Booze
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  • Last Straw Distillery, a Profile
    Tucked away in a small corner of a industrial unit of a strip mall in Toronto (well technically in Vaughan) sits a small distiller. It looks like this: That little guy is able to produce a huge variety of unique products from moonshine to one of my favourite gins in the city. The proud owner is
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